Yoon Eun-Hye – more than a Fair Lady

Asian dramas are really cute. I do not exactly know when I started to love them, but I am sure I first fell in love with Taiwanese dramas, more specially to Taiwanese actors and actresses such as Jerry Yan, Wu Chun, Ariel Lin, and Raine Yang. It was just recently when I also appreciate the…… Continue reading Yoon Eun-Hye – more than a Fair Lady

Love or bread?

Frank, who is being played by Joe Cheng of “It Started with a Kiss” and “They Kiss Again,” has not reached anything in his whole life and has to beg in order to pay his debts. Zheng Shan Mei is also being played by Ariel Lin of “It Started with a Kiss,” “They Kiss Again,”…… Continue reading Love or bread?