Hardwork and Perseverance

...These should always go together. Insects, like these bees, are working hard for their food. They also patiently look for sunflowers. They persevere until their goals will be reached. We humans can also be like them. It's not only enough that we patiently look for jobs. It's more important that we do well in our… Continue reading Hardwork and Perseverance

Love or Bread episode 3 part 2

Ah Xing went to confess to Shan Mei’s friend and he asked Frank to take over the cleaning jobs. Frank brought Shan Mei with her so that she could earn money. Frank was sleeping and Shan Mei was about to hit him with a broom when she accidentally hit a vase. Luckily, Frank caught it…… Continue reading Love or Bread episode 3 part 2

Technological Entrepreneurship

Few weeks ago, I attended a lecture series on Technology Entrepreneurship and the speaker is the President and owner of a big corporation in the country. The company was established on 1999 as a family owned corporation. They started as a small business enterprise until more people needed their products and services. The speaker discussed…… Continue reading Technological Entrepreneurship