Love or Bread episode 2

Shan Mei (Ariel Lin) went to China to marry his boyfriend but she learned he is with another girl. She went back to Taiwan with no money left. She was in the police station and crying when the police officer found a ring inside her bag. She did not know how it was put there but she used the ring to pay for a house rental.

Frank, coincidentally, live in the same house. They were surprised to see each other and Shan Mei accidentally told him that it was not her intention to use the ring. After hearing this, Frank insisted to get back the ring but she had already paid it to the landlord. So they went to look for the house of the landlord but they found out that it was a fraud and they were tricked. But the police said that they could still stay in the house because the real owner is in America.

Now, they could not get the ring back but Frank made a contract that Shan Mei will pay for the ring and she could not leave the house until it is paid. Frank also got her phone as a collateral and threatened her that he will call her parents if she ran away.

Frank was working as a janitor with his best friend. He learned that the house master’s wife who passed away looked like Shan Mei. He showed to the old man her phone with her picture as a proof and he made a deal with him. He will pay Frank in return of a dinner date with Shan Mei. Shan Mei agreed because Frank said that her debt will be paid if she would agree.

Shan Mei was on her date with the old man when Frank saw on TV about a pervert who pretended that he lost his wife and was alleged of rape cases. Frank returned the check, which was the payment for the date, and went to the restaurant where Shan Mei and the old man were. He saw that the old man put something in the glass, he thought it was sleeping pills or anything harmful. Shan Mei was at the comfort room that time so he went inside and ran with her. The old man was sent to the police but he was proved innocent.

Shan Mei’s phone was ringing when she grabbed it from Frank. The call was from Senior, Shan Mei’s boyfriend, but the phone flew and fell on the floor. She was in a phone repair shop when she saw her best friend. After sharing her story, they went in a bar. Unfortunately, they saw Frank and his best friend, who was in love with a sales girl who is Shan Mei’s best friend. Shan Mei was alone in a corner when her old office mates saw her. Shan Mei does not like them because they are so talkative. She did not want them to see her because they would surely laugh at her if they learned she was dumped. These girls were talking to her when Frank saw them. Frank approached them to save Shan Mei’s face and pretended that he was her boyfriend.

So that was the episode 2…It was kind of funny because of their scenes, I can not really imagine them being in those fighting and arguing situations. Yet they still look good together and they are good in acting.

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