Free drink and free refill, how is that?

Last weekend, Starbucks posted a promotion and I was craving for green tea latte last Sunday. I like Starbucks coffee and tea but I do not want to spend much. I just buy their packaged ground coffee from grocery and brew at home. Since they have this promo and I have a free $10 in my card, I decided to go for a green tea latte. 

Today, I was not able to bring brewed coffee from home as I was in a hurry. I ended up being sleepy and lazy in the office, with no drive to work. To make my mind work, I opted to claim my free drink from Starbucks. Guess what, you can choose any size and any type of drink you want. I ordered their hot coconut milk mocha macchiato. It tasted great! It’s my first time to try it. 

My cup was already empty and I was still working on a paper. Later I decided to have a tea instead. I learned that you can get a free brewed coffee or brewed tea refill when using your Starbucks card. So there I went and got my free green tea. Happy kid here! 

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