Love or Bread episode 3

In this episode, Frank and Shan Mei were in a bar. Frank saved Shan Mei’s face from her old office mates. He pretended to be her fiance. Her phone was ringing, it was senior and they left her office mates. Frank grabbed the phone and Shan Mei tried to get it but Frank threw it on the floor. He told her not to wait for someone who does not love her and if she thinks that her life ended when senior broke up with her, then she can end her life. Shan Mei was about to jump off a cliff but she realized her mistake and went home.

Frank, on his first day on his job as a car dealer, was told by his boss to attend training but he went to a KTV bar instead.  He wrote Shan Mei’s name on the bill and after eating and spending for how many hours, he left without paying the bill. Because of this, the KTV owner reported to the police that Shan Mei did not pay her bill and she was being investigated by the police. Frank went home and Shan Mei asked him about it. He denied it at first but later he admitted it. Shan Mei brought her bag and went away, telling Frank that she would still pay the money she promised. On the streets, Frank followed her and asked a pervert to frighten Shan Mei so that she would g home.

3 thoughts on “Love or Bread episode 3

  1. I liked this part that Frank was concerned about Shan Mei wandering about the streets at night with nowhere to stay. Maybe he was thinking about his past when his parents died and nobody was there to take care of him. He really is a heel sometimes! But he also has his good points. I’ll continue watching because, I like the character of Shan Mei, a brave, capable but also vulnerable woman. Thanks for the review. I like reading reviews because it gives me an idea of what the drama or movie is about. It helps me a lot to decide to watch at first and then to continue watching, if the reviews are good. Here in my area, the internet signal is not very good so i choose which dramas to watch. Thanks again 😀

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