Love or bread?

Frank, who is being played by Joe Cheng of “It Started with a Kiss” and “They Kiss Again,” has not reached anything in his whole life and has to beg in order to pay his debts. Zheng Shan Mei is also being played by Ariel Lin of “It Started with a Kiss,” “They Kiss Again,” “Love Contract” and “Tokyo Juliet.” Her family is just the ordinary type and she has three jobs as the bread winner of the family. She works to support her parents, brothers and nephews. At the same time, she is also sending money for her boyfriend who is studying in America.

Even though her parents do not approve, Zheng Shan Mei leaves her jobs and go to America to marry his boyfriend. Unfortunately, she found out that her boyfriend betrayed her and she had no more money left. She went back to Taiwan secretly and she met Frank. They will be living together in a worn out house.

The twists of the story lie on the conflicts between their different personalities. In this drama, we can see a different Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. Joe Cheng even said in an interview that he like his role here because he gets to shout, unlike with his silent type role in ISWAK and TKA. Well, we are looking forward for this new drama series. For sure, it will be a big hit.

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