Love or Bread episode 1

I just watched the first three parts of Love or Bread episode 1. The story is unique because it was my first time to see Joe Cheng in such character. I mean, I have watched him in It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again wherein he was so proper and formal and this new drama brings a new Joe Cheng. Ariel Lin is still so cute in wahaterver role she plays. In Tokyo Juliet, she was a fashion student and she was smart and classy. In ISWAK and TKA, she was always being laughed or being called stupid but she was a fighting woman with a very strong character. In Love or Bread, she has a different role but her fighting spirit is still there.

In the first scene of part one, you might be surprised because you will see Frank (Joe Cheng) as the director of a company who is talking to his secretary, I guess. I have read the synopsis of this drama so I knew that Frank is poor here. Then my thoughts were right when Frank woke up from his dream. Their first encounter was really funny because Shan Mei (Ariel Lin), who worked in a bank, called Frank because he was not able to pay his credit cards. She overheard from the phone that the gangsters, to whom Frank borrowed money, wanted to kill him. So she went over her house with the police and she saved him but she had to do CPR because Frank was almost drowned. When Frank went outside to pawn his mother’s ring, he met the gangsters and they ran after him. He was looking for a place to hide when he saw a girl’s comfort room, where Shan Mei was cleaning the toilets. He had to cover her mouth and hid with her inside the cubicle. She thought he was a pervert who also tried to rape her. So she called for security and he was brought to jail. Then they met again after Frank was released. He lost his ring and he went to look for it at the girl’s comfort room where Shan Mei was also going there. So that was the first three parts of the episode one. I am indeed excite to watch the remaining parts.

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