Women are stronger now…

I was probably thinking of the Korean drama that I have been watching recently. Though it involves some magic which does not really exist in reality, I still like how it shows the power of women. It also reminds me of the previous drama I watch, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

Gone are those days when women are regarded as weak and powerless. Some are into jobs that only men hadled before. Many women prefer to work than stay at home and be a full time housewife. Also, a lot of women now have high positions in companies or in any institution. 

I just watched the movie “Hidden Figures” and it clearly shows to the world that it is not only now that women are doing great, it has been in the blood of women ever since. 

In this women’s month, may the world recognize the efforts of women, mothers, wives and daughters. May the world recognize that women are not scared anymore to show what they got and what they can do. They do not need that physical strength to prove that they are stronger now because they can do more than that. 

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