25th of the month

It has been four months. Those months were filled with continuous exploration of friendship, personalities and relationship. We had been to day trips, out-of-town trip and innumerable food trips.

We also enjoy staying in my or his house, cooking and watching movies. No moment is boring, even long talking during midnight before going to sleep is enjoyable for us.

I am happy, really! For so long, I have waited for this moment to come, to have someone who appreciates me and who will take care of me. Being with him, I do not need to worry so much because I know we can manage. I like how he shows that he is proud of having me.

There were times when I really felt that almost everything I did was not right, that I was not the one he expected me to be. There were instances when I could not handle his anger. In those moments, I often asked myself, do I see myself with him in the future? The answer was in my tears – my acceptance of him and his personality. Yeah, if he wants me to change, to make myself a better person, why not? And if he wants me to keep quiet and to leave him alone when he is angry, then I will do that. Things can be difficult at first but I trust that everything will turn out fine. I do love him that much.

Of course, I do appreciate how he have adjusted for me. There were things that he did not do before, or there were ideas that were not acceptable to him before. But he was able to adapt and adjust. Also, it may not be easy but he was the one who asked for forgiveness when the instance called for it. I love how he hugged me from the back and said he was sorry. I know that he also makes every effort for this relationship to work.

As of now, I am happy and I want for us to celebrate each 25th day of the month. It may sound selfish to him for me wanting that way, but this day reminds me that being with him was not by chance, it was by choice… that if ever he or I may not feel happy at times, we will be reminded of the choices we made on this day of October.

I do have some questions in my mind but I am too afraid to know the answers. For now, I will just trust in US.



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