5 Things I Love to Do

Let’s admit it, lists are trending on social media recently. Lists on ways to lose weight, what guys need to know about girls, or what you need to do to be happy… So I just thought of creating my own list and here it goes!

It all started when someone asked me, what do you do on you free time or how do you spend your weekend? Well, let’s assume that there’s no wifi or internet. 

1. Watch a drama, a movie or a TV program. I am one of those avid Korean drama fans and I just admire how they make stories: cute, usually unpredictable and most of the time, funny. There’s no wonder I can stay until morning because of drama marathon. I also watch recent movies in the theater or at home using my laptop or TV. There are times when I go to movie dates with boyfriend or friends, but I have never tried watching movie in the cinema alone.

2. Eat. Whether it’s in a fast food, restaurant, street or my own house, I love to eat! I eat alone, with my friends or with my family. Before, I thought it’s sad to eat alone in a restaurant. But I tried it and it does not feel so bad as I thought.

3. Cook. I don’t just eat, I also cook. Maybe it’s because my father trained me to cook when I was young. I was taught to cook main dishes and even sweets like Leche Flan, our family specialty. I bought steamer so that I can cook Leche Flan in my apartment and this made me cook other steamed foods. Cooking is also my stress reliever, aside from eating, haha!

4. Travel. Maybe I got this habit from my mom but I love to travel. I have been to few countries here in Asia and some popular tourist spots here in the Philippines. I want to go to more places, especially here in the Philippines. While travelling, I also take pictures. I am not a pro but I can take good pictures. 

5. I love to spend time with the people I love. I usually do not want to stay alone and lonely at home. I want to enjoy my weekends with friends, family and boyfriend. There are times that I want to rest but these happen rarely. I still have a lot of “me” time, going home or eating alone. Sometimes I also go to church alone, but I do not feel lonely there.

Those were my top 5. How about yours? 

Upon making this list, I realize that I can live without wifi (hahaha!) and I do not need to spend much to do what I love to do. 


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