Bonding with my friends

I miss my close friends in high school. We went to different universities in college. Some of their schools were just an hour away from our hometown, while two of us needed a plane ride to go home. Even though we were far from each other, we still found time to meet during summer vacation and Christmas breaks. That was before…when we were still students. Now that we are already working, we found it difficult to gather all of us, especially my friends who are nurses who rarely have day offs and leave from work, even during holidays.

Last week, I met my nursing friends at the department store. There were looking for uniforms they could use while on duty. I accompanied them while they were busy fitting some cute nursing scrubs. They looked so pretty. After almost an hour of deciding which ones to buy, they finally chose some scrubs top and paid them at the counter.

I was indeed happy that for a short period of time, I got the chance to be with them. I miss them a lot and it was great being with them again.


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