My friend visited me yesterday and while we were busy eating baked macaroni, we talked about how I broke up with my past someone. She also went through a long distance relationship and they are still together now after she forgave him of unfaithfulness. She said it was not an enough reason to give up the four years of hardships and trials. For her, love is worth fighting for.

Then I was pondering after we talked and even until this morning about what she said. Maybe she was right, that I should have given him a chance again and that I should have listened to him.

Just this morning, one of my closest friends called me and she asked about the same thing. Then I told her it was over and shared her the story. On my previous relationship, she was the one who stopped me from breaking up with my other ex because she said, things could be fixed and I just had to hold on. Yet this morning was a relief for me when she said that I just made the right decision in giving up. Well, at least she assured that there is nothing to be regret of.

Yesterday in our outdoor recreation class, we had to traverse from one side of the pool to other end. We crossed by stepping on the rope and holding on the upper rope. It was scary because I am not good in swimming and the upper rope was swaying. Finally I reached the end of the line and it was great… The teacher then said, you just have to leave the past behind and move forward… Well, it what a nice quote for me, it fits for me…

For now, I am still advising myself not to think of him but can’t help yet reminisce how we became friends and all. He taught me many things in life and I would never forget that once in my life, he passed by and made me smile…

No regrets… Just smiles…

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