Engineering my future…

Since I was a kid, it has been one of my dreams of becoming an engineer someday. I was inspired by my god mother who is a chemical engineer. I though that it was very admirable for a woman to be an engineer. Though I never had the slightest idea of what an engineer does, I still ponder on that thought until I reached high school and I had to make choices. Since I was somehow good in math, as what my grades testify, I believe I can handle it…

On my first year in the university, I realized that engineering is not only about math, analysis and solving problems. It has also a lot to do on drawing, which is not really my thing at all. I thought I would fail engineering graphics, my first engineering subject, but thank goodness that I got more than a passing grade. My frustration continued on the next semester on CAD drawing, it was my most pitiful engineering science subject, where I got my lowest grade. There I realized that an engineer really has to draw…always, not sometimes.

No more drawing classes, only computational engineering sciences where I experienced different downfall and rise after every exam. I could not count the times where I walked after every exam, realized how many mistakes I made in the exam, and ponder upon, if I am really destined to be an engineer… Tears were my only way of shouting my heart out. I though I could not survive but I did…

Now I am in my senior year and next year, if God permits, I will be graduating. I will soon be a licensed professional engineer. Yet the battle is not over, for the meantime, I am still engineering my future. My subjects now are way far more difficult than those in the last years. My decisions are more critical that I have to be careful because one decision can change my whole life. In engineering, you have to make a plan, a design plan. You have to set your factor of safety, know your requirements, plan your solutions and analyze the problem. In this life, we are engineering our own future. Our design analysis may be prone to errors but the difference between a blueprint and a life is that a blueprint can be reprinted, but a life can not be…

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