Healthy Lifestyle

I was in a grocery section of a mall, doing the same routine of choosing my favorite foods when I came across a promo girl. She asked if I want a free diet consultation. Since it was for free, I agreed. After measuring my height and weight, my BMI was calculated and the RND, registered nutritionist and dietitian, told me I am in the normal range. Good thing I was not abnormal (my friend said after I told her about it). The RND explained to me the food pyramid and what are the required servings per meal per day for each food category. I realized that the reason why I was fat recently because of my carbohydrates intake. I love to eat rice more than viands and sometimes, I do not know that I have eaten too much. She recommended two servings of rice per meal, which means that if a half cup of rice is one serving, then one cup is enough. She also noted that to limit fat intake to very small amount. I feel sorry for myself that I love cake and ice cream. She also said to drink two glasses of milk everyday, eat fruits and vegetables everyday, which all of these I seldom do. Then, she added to walk for at least 15 minutes per day. In this part, no hassle for me because I even walk more than that, to think that our campus needs a lot of walking.

After the counseling, I realized that I am not fat, I am healthy. I just need to adjust my diet, follow the recommendations, sleep well and be positive. 

3 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle

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  2. All of us have a tendency to intake more carbohydrate in our meal than is required. This later adds up to obesity. Following a proper diet pattern and exercising regularly is a sure shot way to a healthy lifestyle and a much healthier individual.

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