Virtual World

With the advance technology and the modern ideas of society, anyone can meet anyone through the Internet. Socializing is just a split of seconds, in a few hits of fingers…

On line social community are fast growing and more sites are added. Friendster has gathered more than millions of people, from different age groups all around the world. It has established its site for being user friendly with added features in photos, blog, groups, bulletin, profile design, testimonials, and others. Another same community but different style is Multiply. Users use this for posting unlimited photos, videos, blogs, announcements, comments and a lot more. Facebookhas built its own style of more personalized shout out through wall comments, though it also has photos, groups, fans, and other features same with multiply and friendster. Myspace is almost the same with friendster, but in the Philippines, it is not that widely used. The last one is Plurk. It has few features same with facebook, the wall comments and shout outs.

There are more virtual communities, each with different style and ways of meeting people. With these sites, you can look for your long lost kindergarten classmate, greet your long distance friend on her birthday, stalk for your ultimate crush, and maybe, find yoursoul mate. Privacy and real identities are always the things you can not be sure of in these sites. yet one thing is for sure, it is nice to meet and greet new and old friends. It may bring you bad or good, it all depends on you.

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