Break and Mend

…Words when spoken, hearts when broken…are the hardest things to mend…

Fights and petty quarrel are just but normal in every relationship, especially in a boy-girl relationship. You can not really avoid to question and demand for answers, even when you yourself know the true answers, whether it may hurt you or not. Sometimes they say that what you do not know will not hurt you but there is no fire that can not come out. So better know the truth earlier and maybe, just maybe, it will hurt less.

It is not as easy as saying this than doing it, but we all know that everything can be done in simple ways, talking peacefully is always the best remedy, with calm hearts and ease mind. Yet you can not avoid to shout and cry, to let go of your emotions, to speak out the pain and suffering in your heart. There are times that we tend to say things beyond our control without even thinking if we have said the right things to say, too late to realize and take back the words not meant to be said.

A friend told me that it is just alright to fight for what you feel and express what it is inside…but never suggest a break-up. You will never know, you might do the greatest regret in your life. But if he really loves you, he will not accept that stupid suggestion. This may not be the case, because sometimes people have to let go if the other person wants to.

The bottom line is… do not break what you can not mend… Happy Hearts Day!


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