Nice to meet you again, stress…

So many things happened and so many things to do that I had to leave this blog for a while… With all those things that surprised me, one thing I could say: There is no other word to best describe the effect of stress other than sickness. My sleepless nights could not be counted, including the fact that I had to wake up early in the morning so that I would not be late for my 7 am class. If I would not manage to wake up early, I had to skip breakfast and move as fast as I could. Stress would be easier to handle if without those weather problems. You wake up in the morning with the cold breeze that could tremble your knees and later at lunch, you could feel the mixture of hotness and coldness. On the afternoon, it would suddenly rain. The weather was just so unpredictable, indeed! And for my health which was not used to those sort of changes is too sensitive that I had fever and cough a day before my exam. I was thinking of not taking the exam and going to the infirmary but I changed my mind. Good thing that my mind was working well, opposite to my body which was weak and about to break from having dry cough and slight fever. What a relief I felt when I went home last Friday. It was a stressful week that I could never forget…


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