Long Distance…

I have no regrets that I met him, nor that I love him, nor that I chose to stay and study here, which is really far from him. I had no regrets but I have so many wishes and hopes that I know someday, maybe I can have the chance to fulfill all of these.

I want to celebrate our birthdays together. I never had the chance to greet him face-to-face on his birthday, and so he, too. I want to celebrate our anniversary and the valentines day with him. It is indeed difficult for us to be far away, missing important days in our lives, thinking and wishing we are with each other. Phones and chat are not enough, everyone knows that. Still, we are lucky that we get to see each other on Christmas, new year and summer vacations. These are the times when I could go home and see him.

We may be unfortunate in these matters. We may be pitiful seeing couple who are so in love on valentines day. We may be far from each other but I know time will come…the right time will come that we could spend more than a month together.

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