Little things on a Valentines Day

It is not yet the day but there is nothing great to look forward to for that day. Maybe because I am not expecting anything from him and I do want to give him a gift but my money does not approve of it at all…

It was five years ago when I received a chocolate cake on valentines day… It was from my friend. The story was somehow strange… The cake had an icing forming a name on its top, unfortunately the name was not mine nor his name, but it was his girl best friend’s name. I thought it was mistaken, that it was not really for me but I learned that the cake he was supposed to give was damaged. His friend offered the spare cake and so that was the story.

A year before that, my friend received a box of chocolates. I was with her that time and we ate all the chocolates. So unlucky for me that I had stomach ache after we ate. Maybe, the lesson was, do not take what was not yours, even it was shared by a friend.

I had received my first peach rose from a suitor, a bouquet of red roses from my ex-boyfriend on my birthday,  three different colors of roses from my current boyfriend on our monthsary. Yet my first rose on a valentines day was from a friend in our organization; it was planned that all the guys would give roses and so there was nothing special about it.

Whenever I remembered those things, I just could not help but smile. Let us just see what would happen for this year… Good luck for me…


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