It was five years ago when my heart experienced its fatal pain. I was not sick of any illness. I just met someone who I thought I knew but I was wrong all along. All I asked at that one night of misery and emptiness is the feeling of being a superhuman – callous and carefree.

In times in our life, we tend to wish to be a superhuman who can save and help the needy. When we are hurt, we do not want to feel the pain. When we are running out of time, we want to reach there in split of seconds. When you want something so impossible, the more we want it.

Yet we are just humans who happen to be more than super. If you can not feel pain, you will not understand how beautiful is the feeling of being out of pain. You can save anyone at anytime, in your own simple ways. You will never be late if things are just right. When you want something, ask for it, work for it and let God do the rest.

Life is beautiful and being a simple human is more than beautiful. Life is not complicated more than you think. Live well. Spread some love. Thank God.


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