If I Were A Boy

Beyonce’s  ‘If I were a boy’ can really catch my attention whenever I hear it. When I was in grade school, I easily get along with my boy classmates. They shared their secrets with me and they asked for my help for their crushes. The more I became close to guys when I was in high school. My best friend is a guy and they said that I act like a guy. But I am a real girl, I have guy crushes and I have friends who are girls. And there was no way I would wish I were a boy.

Just like the writer of the song, I also have my own sentiments. I have guy friends but until now, it is still difficult to understand why he behaves that way. So if I were a boy, I would play online games so that I would know what is in those games that makes him go crazy, forget about the time and sometimes, forget about me.

If I were a boy, I would be honest to my girl and trust her wholeheartedly. I would court her everyday and would not let her cry. I would let her feel how thankful I am for being with her. If we would have a fight, I would not turn the tables around and blame my fault on her. I would listen to her and understand what she feels. I would patiently wait for her and I would not be mad when she would be late because I knew she was just dressing up nicely for me.

But I am just a girl and I hope he would realize someday how I really feel.


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