Love or Bread episode 3 part 2

Ah Xing went to confess to Shan Mei’s friend and he asked Frank to take over the cleaning jobs. Frank brought Shan Mei with her so that she could earn money. Frank was sleeping and Shan Mei was about to hit him with a broom when she accidentally hit a vase.

Luckily, Frank caught it but he did not place it back carefully and it was about to fall again. Frank and Shan Mei caught it and their hands were holding each other. There were electric sparks and after they realized, they threw the vase in shock. It was broken an they thought of ways to pay it. They bought a lotto ticket but they did not win. They tried to put the pieces back together until they slept.

Ah Xing went to visit Frank and Ah Xing saw the broken vase. He was anxious that he would not only lose love life but also his work. Frank felt guilty and went to confess to the house owner that he broke the vase. He went home and told Shan Mei that the vase costs 500.

2 thoughts on “Love or Bread episode 3 part 2

  1. GoSh! HaNa KiMi T. Is ReAllY GrEaT….I juSt WaTcHeD It ReCeNtLy buT It ReAlLy TouChEd My LiFe! I KnEw HoW PoWeRfUl LoVe iS!…..EsPeCiAlY WhEn We StRiVe HaRdEr To AcHieVe It!… MoRe pOWeR To thE CaStS AnD CrEw Of HaNa kiMi t.!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!IN PERSONAL!!! 🙂

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