New Year Thoughts

When I was in grade school or even until high school, the first thing our teacher wants us to do at the start of the year was to make a list of new year’s resolutions. I used to make a long list of the things I want to change and I ended up doing almost nothing in my list in my effort to do all of them. Well, old habits are hard to die, as they may say.

I had a long Christmas vacation and it was the longest I had since I entered college. I do not usually get the chance to spend vacations with my family longer than I wish. Last Christmas, I did not attend the nine morning masses, not even once, maybe because I wanted to complete the nine mornings but I failed to start the first one.

For this year, I just want my family to be happy. I do not expect for anything because I am afraid to be disappointed. Let us just live, love and laugh. I know God will never leave me.


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