After the party…

I went to a party last night. Afraid that I would be left by the bus, I did not finish the party and hurried to the terminal. I was with my classmate and we are in the same village. We thought that the bus would leave by 11, as expected by all passengers. After 30 minutes of waiting and the bus was already full, other passengers asked what time would the bus leave. To our dismay, the conductor said that it would leave at 12:30 am. Without any doubt, we went out of the bus and took a jeepney ride going home. I admit, it was really scary. There were passengers, maybe who were also from a party, that were drunk.  We were thinking of taking a taxi instead but just a few minutes later, the drunk passengers went out and we were relieved. So we dedided to stay until we arrived at our bus terminal. I was really tired and sleepy when I arrived at our house.

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