Letting go…

Once or maybe many times in our lives, we experience the art of letting go. This does not only happen between relationships but also with other things. It may sound so simple, so plain to hear or so easy to analyze…yet as what others say, you will never really know unless you have been there. There are times that you have been there and you thought you have learned but just can not handle when things happen like that again.

When you love someone and the relationship failed because he or she fell out of love, there is no way you can step backward but only forward. It may be hard to internalize the phrase “breaking up” but it is harder to think that you have to let him go and find his happiness. It is hard to wish him good luck when you can not accept that he is gone. It is much harder to keep the salty waters from falling… I guess you just have to believe that time heals all wounds but what you do not know is when that time will happen. It is not easy to let go our first experiences, how much more your first love. It is not easy to pretend when your face is already belying you. It is not alright but you do not even know how to act right. Things like these usually happen but it is true that there is always a rainbow after a rain…a heavy rain indeed.

Months or years will pass that you can go on with your life without him but not without thinking of him. If he left sadness in your eyes, let it go. if you feel bitterness inside, let it go. If you still feel the love, let it be but let go of the person you love. Maybe someday, your paths will cross again and love has found its way back home. You can dig your treasured love and let it bloom once more. But if you found someone new, love him more than what you did before…

Love is indeed such a complicated thing but it still feels so beautiful and magical.

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