Miss No Good

Jiang Xiao Ha, Rainie Yang of Why Why Love and Devil Beside You, is an owner of a jewelry store with poor fashion sense. Jia Si Le, Dean Fujioka, is her childhood classmate who was very fat before and he came back from Japan but he is already slim and handsome. Jia Si Le wants to date her but she realized that she does not belong to his crowd. On the night of his party, he said that Xiao Ha must had thought it was a costume party because of her dress. Xiao Ha met poison-tongue style guru, Tang Men, who is also the best friend of Si Le and the one who helped him become slim.

In the story, Jia Si Le has a fiancee, Jiang Mi who likes Si Le and will find a way so that Xiao Ha will like Tang Men. The mother and grandmother of Si Le thought that Xiao Ha likes Si Le just because of their money and they dislike her.

As the story goes on, the more it becomes exciting. We will see who will be with who…

One thought on “Miss No Good

  1. Though i would really love seeing rainie being paired with mike, still, this drama is good… i never got bored watching it… and i love wilber pan, he’s so naughty and playful.. and i also like his voice, especially when he sang tong yi ge yi han…

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