Jogging for fitness

Jogging for an hour may not be enough but my feet are already tired. I am doing this for a week already, jogging an hour when the sun is nowhere to be seen. The oval of our school is very conducive for this exercise. In the morning around 4 am till 7 am, you can see a lot of people jogging and walking around the freedom park or around the soccer field. And in the afternoon at 5 pm onwards, there are also many joggers, either doing it alone or in pairs.

At first round, innumerable tears of sweat were already fast pouring. It really felt like I let out a lot of energy.  I was with my friend so in between rounds, we did some chatting, sharing of each other’s thoughts, and arguing about certain ideas. I realized it is much better to have a companion while doing the jogging, it boosts your eagerness to continue.

Jogging is a good exercise. It can help your body become physically fit, especially for me wishing to loose weight… Yet it takes some discipline and perseverance.

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