I have heard many people saying that I have a cute name, especially when they learn my complete name. When I was still in elementary, each one in the class was asked about the history of his or her name. One of my classmates, April, said that she was born on that month so that is her name. Another said that his name is after his father’s name and so he is the Junior. The interesting name that no one ever heard before is from a boy classmate whose name is a combination of the names of his parents and grandfathers.

When it was my turn to speak, I told them what my parents explained to me. I was born on 1988 and at that time, Tiffany Renee Darwish or Tiffany was just starting as a popular American singer. Among her songs are “All This Time” and “If Love Is Blind.” My father loves to sing and Tiffany is one of his favorite singers. So that was how I got my name.

Actually, I am Princess Tiffany. My mother said that she added Princess in my name because for them, I am their one and only princess. I am the eldest child and when my brother was born, he was named after my name, somewhat a male version of my name. He is Stephane which others often mispronounced as “Stephanie” and made them mistaken him as a girl.

I love my name and I am proud of it. It is unique and I rarely meet anyone with the same name. I have a friend and her sister is named Tiffani. I rather be called Tiff than Princess because I have known many Princess among my friends. In the dictionary, tiff means petty quarrel while Tiffany means divine manifestation.

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